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Notice of Road Closures in the Town Centre

Kent County Council has recently announced there will be extended road closures to the Town Centre on Monday to Saturdays (10 – 4pm) for a six month period. They say this is for the “safety of the public to help achieve social-distancing for economic recovery” in the town.

Not everyone is happy and some local businesses have complained, saying they were not consulted and these measures will make it difficult for them to operate.

While many are in favour, Ellie from The Yard says, “This will mean ALL central Faversham businesses will be unable to receive deliveries, have their waste collected, serve their disabled customers nor access their property to unload or load between 10am-4pm EVERYDAY!”

She suggests that there should have been some proper consultation, with one solution being “a central gatekeeper (paid if necessary) on call between 10-4pm to open the gates and allow deliveries and the ability impaired through. This solution would facilitate us all functioning and the Council getting the ‘continental vibe’ they have dreamed up. We’re not asking for it to be left open - we’re asking for compromise.”

This affects everyone in the town. If you wish to comment on these changes please email Louise Bareham (, the Town Clerk, to voice your opinions.


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