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Back in Faversham Eye, Issue 8 we announced we are sponsoring a new local arts and culture festival. It will celebrate the town’s creative community and all the wonderful places in town where people can get together, showcase their work and make new friendships. As well as reveling in the best of Faversham, we will also bring in interesting artists and events from outside the town to spice up the mix.

Obviously, we cannot predict what state the world will be in come the autumn, but let’s be optimistic and hope that some sort of normality will have returned by then. With that in mind, we are already making preliminary arrangements to organise the festival.

We will publish details of planned events on our website, in social media as well as in our printed issues.

We are hoping to offer amongst other events:

  • Screenings at The Royal Cinema

  • A magic evening.

  • Talks

  • Music

For more details contact :

Nathalie Banaigs at Kent Creative


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