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After a five year campaign by Faversham own 20’s Plenty Community Group, Kent County Council has finally approved a 20mph speed limit in Faversham. The campaign began in 2015 after two local pedestrians were killed while on zebra crossings in the town. The widow of one of the victims put together a petition with 1200 signatures but KCC refused to act.

The campaigners hope that KCC will now engage directly with them. The group has an intimate local knowledge of traffic movements in Faversham, generated from over five years of campaigning. The group told the Faversham Eye, “Local people need to know what is happening but, more importantly, why it is happening. This means engagement now, not later: before the measures are implemented, not afterwards. Schemes that seem foisted upon places are less popular than those that are carefully explained in advance. There is much therefore for KCC to do in the next few weeks and we look forward to helping in this important effort.”

20 mph limits are supported by the World Health Organisation, Public Health England, South East Coast Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust (incorporating Faversham Community First Responders), the police as well as most healthcare professionals.

In those areas of London, where they have been introduced they have led to a 50% reduction in accidents to children. They bring significant benefits for air quality by reducing levels of the harmful fine particulates created through continuous acceleration and braking. They will also encourage more walking and cycling, leading to healthier lifestyles, especially as we all

come out of lockdown.


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