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What did the Tories ever do for Faversham

By John Wellard

Well, err, Gave us all houses. Lots and lots of ‘em that most locals can’t afford and with no increased infrastructure to bear the load. Then they will be giving us even more lax planning rules so the developers can throw up even more substandard, pokey, mediocre, overpriced hovels wherever and whenever they please.

They gave us - sorry, bought us - a shoe shop with our money! It now costs us £42,000 per annum.

They gave us a War Memorial - ugly and unwanted by the majority of Faversham’s citizens and subsidized its construction with taxpayers money and cash raided from the funds of our Cottage Hospital and from charities controlled by themselves.

They gave us a health system which is at breaking point with waiting times to see a GP of one month.

We are also living under the threat of the Cleve Hill solar power station outrage whereby a carbon sequestering marshland and diverse wildlife habitat will be obliterated. This they claim will help to save the planet!

So, folks any other ideas about what the Tories did for Faversham? All sensible suggestions welcome.


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