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By Brian Pain

2021 was generally a pretty dreadful year. At the Eye, we made the difficult decision to cancel our planned Faversham Festival due to the uncertainty of Covid restrictions and lockdowns. Also due to the relative lack of activity in the Town and difficulty in getting access to information, we have not published an edition of the paper for over 6 months.

In this bumper issue we report on some of the highlights of the past year as well as extensively reporting on some of the current problems facing the town, not least of all, the continuing threat of our still unique Town being swamped by new peripheral developments.

While it is difficult to predict how the new year will pan out, we can for the present enjoy speculating whether we may be seeing the demise of Boris Johnson’s premiership.

We welcome the recent emergence of Farms Fields and Fresh Air as a local pressure groups opposing the new housing estates. It is to be hoped by joint action by all similarly concerned organisations, and of course our Town Council, we can limit the building of more unaffordable houses inappropriate to the real needs of local people.

In contrast to the Brexit “take back control” rhetoric of the Government we report on two parts of our local infrastructure passing into overseas private finance control, namely Southern Water and the scarily named Project Fortress (ne Cleve Hill Solar Park). Also, most of our regular features are included and we would welcome more feedback, even hostile criticism, from our readers.

We hope you enjoy this latest edition and we wish everyone the best in 2022.


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