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This Summer we have a UK General Election to look forward to and, with elections going on all around the world, the big one must be the US Presidential Election on Fireworks Day.  Surely any rational person dreads the thought of Trump returning to the White House.

We have reviewed the battle for the election in our constituency of Faversham and Mid Kent. We have invited each of the candidates to sum up why you should vote for them as well as give our view.

Closer to home we report on a couple of important issues that could have a serious impact on Faversham.

First, the appeal by Cleve Hill Solar Farm Limited to overturn the planners at Swale Borough Council’s refusal to accept their Battery Safety Management Plan. If the appeal goes through, then this will affect Swale’s finances and the potential safety of Graveney and Faversham’s residents.

Second, the mess over future housing development plans in the Town and Borough caused by the recent reversal in government planning policy. Rishi Sunak wrote in May:

“..and we’ll always protect green space. That’s why I scrapped top-down building targets, so that local people are never forced to build over their local countryside.

By working with local communities, we’ll protect the green belt and ensure local people get the final say over local developments.”

This drivel from Sunak either displays wilful ignorance or deliberate mendacity. It is not local people that build over the countryside it is profit driven private housebuilders that manipulate our pathetic planning laws to their own advantage. Scrapping top-down housing targets will only make a bad situation worse, unless you are a residential developer.

We look at, in detail, the current controversy over the pros and cons of the Duchy proposals to the south of the Town.

Keeping to the depressing theme, we also look at the increasing deterioration of Faversham Creek (and we haven’t even mentioned the sewage!) as well as reporting on the continuing attempts of ex Councillor Michael Cosgrove and his invisible men to push through further changes to what used to be known as the Cottage Hospital Garden.

However, we have tried to mitigate the gloom with positive articles on the Abbey Physic Community Garden, the work of sculptor and Faversham resident Jeff Lowe, the great work being done by the Westbrook Stream volunteers and good news concerning TS Hazard.

Also, we have bid fond farewell to Nathalie Banaigs, who has sensibly returned to Paris, for the artistic contribution she made to the Town over many years.

Finally, an obituary for Bob Telford a long serving champion for Faversham Creek.

Let’s hope things turn out better than they threaten to.

One of Faversham's many Spring gardens


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