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Welcome to Issue 10:

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

The Faversham Eye – Telling you stuff somebody doesn’t want you to know since 2019...

We have naturally been devastated by the decision of the Secretary of State to grant permission for the vast Cleve Hill development to proceed.

The Inspector’s report recommending approval seemed so THE NEWSPAPER FOR AND ABOUT FAVERSHAM JULY 2020 biased towards the Applicants that it reminded us of the satirical sketch by Peter Cook as the judge summing up in the Jeremy Thorpe murder case (worth a look on line). Our commentary is on pages 4-8.

Elsewhere we have highlighted the emerging Swale Local Plan, the latest Ordnance Wharf planning application and other Creek news.

On a lighter note, we have announced the winner of our essay competition and featured the entries by the winner and runner up. There are two profiles of local artists and all our regular features.

We are naturally grateful for the support of our local MP and Minister for Care, Helen Whatley, has given to the strong local opposition of the Cleve Hill development, but in the mean time, she continues to manage ever more excruciatingly embarrassing performances when she appears on radio and television to defend the Government’s record on social care. It leaves us worried that her well established record of supinely supporting all government actions will trump her commitment to the constituents she represents.

The publication of Eye 10 is later than intended, but we intend to return to regular 6 weeks issues in future.

We hope you find Eye 10 satisfactory and we would also like to thank readers for their generous contributions to our production costs.

Enjoy the issue.


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