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Updated: May 30, 2023

In this issue we concentrate on three main issues: The Town and Swale local elections on the 4th May. The emerging Faversham Plan and speculative housing applications. A long read on the environmental crisis.

Also we feature an article on the excellent work being undertaken by a group of volunteers from Faversham who are monitoring the water quality of the Creek and the Westbrook.

At twenty pages we have had to leave out some of our regular features but have managed to squeeze in a few lines on our hapless local MP Helen Whately.

We hope you find it an enjoyable, informative and interesting read.

As a reminder of how transitory and insignificant the human race is, we print this picture of the Whirlpool Galaxy discovered in 1773 and its (relatively) near neighbour.

It is about 31 million light years from Earth, slightly smaller than the Milky Way and has an estimated mass of 160 billion solar masses. It is observable from Faversham between November and the end of May with an amateur telescope.

In 2020 within the Whirlpool Galaxy, an exoplanet was discovered. In the unlikely eventthat this candidate exoplanet supports life, we can only hope that the inhabitants there are not making the similar mess of their planet as we are here on Earth.


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