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We Want to Hear your Views

The first exhibition held in 12 Market Place was well attended and lots of you contributed your views. The words and pictures are on the Faversham Town Council website. We are still collating the feedback we received during the exhibition on the comment forms and post-it notes – you can still comment on the FTC website.

There is a second exhibition in 12 Market Place from 20th to 31st October – please come along and give us your views. This exhibition will focus on the policies which the Neighbourhood Plan will contain and the kinds of housing we want to see built.

The policy areas likely to be included in the Neighbourhood Plan are:

  • Active Travel - footpaths and cycling

  • Faversham Creek

  • Flooding and Surface Water (& Sewerage)

  • Health, Recreation and Community

  • Heritage

  • Housing and Home Working

  • Housing Sites

  • Local Green Space

  • Meeting Local Housing Need

  • Natural Environment and Landscape

  • Renewable Energy

  • Sustainable Design and Character

  • Town Centre

  • Transport

Please contribute your ideas and let us know if you think we need policies on other matters Come along to the exhibition and comment or email the Steering Group at:

This is our opportunity as a community to shape Faversham for the future.


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