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We have been contacted by several readers who are concerned that the temporary creek bridge will become a permanent fixture.

We feel it is important that the people of Faversham continue to support the efforts of the KCC to revitalise the creek, basin and installing a new swing/lifting bridge, but we understand why some local residents have become sceptical.

In an effort to encourage the KCC to provide up-to-date information of any progress they are making, we contacted them to ask for a statement. On the 24th February we received the following from Simon Jones the Director of Highways, Transportation and Waste:

“Now that the temporary bridge and footway has been installed and the original deck has been removed the next steps are to pursue a new opening bridge.

"KCC has confirmed that"they are progressing with the design of the permanent replacement. All options are being considered and the design will include the mechanical and electrical components to open and close the bridge along with a design for new sluice gates.

"The temporary bridge is on hire until January 2021, and KCC will work within this time frame to ensure the design work is completed, the damage to the abutments is investigated and a tender issued for the construction of a new bridge.

"Discussions remain ongoing with Peel Ports to discuss the bridge, the sluice gates, their future operation and river dredging.

"KCC has also met with Swale Borough Council and Faversham Town Council to update on progress and committed to providing routine progress reports.”




I have just seen that the old Faversham bridge has been cut up for scrap, the workers said it was beyond repair. Looking at it there is only just a bit of surface rust 95% is still well painted and where the cuts are it is very thick.

Have we been conned to pay for a temp bridge for a year?

The foot bridge over the railway at the station was extremely rusty and dangerous yet that was replaced.

RW 25/02/20


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