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The Kent County Council, Police and Crime Commissioner and Town Council by-elections

are due to take place on Thursday, 6 May 2021. So far, we know that the following candidates are standing but the official list will be

announced on 9 April.


Faversham Town Council

(Abbey ward) Jenny Reeves (Labour)

Faversham Town Council (Priory ward)

Lisa Eades (Labour) and Andy Culham (Conservative)

Faversham Town Council (Watling ward)

Paul Durkin (Labour) and

Phil Wyard (Green)


Faversham and Swale East seat for KCC

(currently Andrew Bowles)

Dr Frances Rehal (Labour) and

Rich Lehmann (Green)

Faversham seat for KCC

(currently Anthony Hook)

Andrew Burkin (Labour)

PCC candidates

Graham Colley (Liberal Democrats)

Lola Oyewusi (Labour & Co-operative)

Matthew Scott (Conservative)


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