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Recently two of the Town Councillors elected in 2019 have resigned.

Claire Belsom (Ind) represented Priory Ward and Sam Blair (Lib Dem) the Watling Ward.

This has triggered the near certainty of a by-election for both seats in May: An unwelcome extra cost to the Town’s limited funds.

This prospect raises the possibility of some of the Tories who were unceremoniously kicked out last year standing again. Could we see the return of Mike “Monolith” Cosgrove who still refuses to answer questions about the funding of the war memorial? Or Nigel “Shoe Shop” Kay who is responsible for the Town’s near penury after the pushing through the purchase of 12 Market Place on the back of more than a million pounds of long-term debt.

Another intriguing prospect is that our favourite pin-up Andy Culham will try for re-election in Priory Ward, whose residents he infamously referred to as 'pond life'.


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