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Top Spots 2


Biodegradable dog poop bags

Faversham Town Council has installed the first of their sponsored biodegradable dog poop bag dispensers in South Road & Abbey Street. Contact the Council office ( to suggest where to install more of these if you approve.


Spot the difference!

Congratulations to councillor Antony Hook for winning a seat on the European Parliament. But with his other duties as town and Kent County councillor and his professional work as a lawyer, will the multitasking MEP's workload become unmanageable? We respectfully submit that perhaps, for the good of Faversham and his own well-being, the time has finally come for Antony to give to up his secret career moonlighting as regional manager for Slough-based paper merchants Wernham Hogg under the name ’Neil Godwin’.


Bench Apology

It has been brought to our attention that the market place bench we so rudely critiqued in last issue ('spot the difference' page 5) was in fact designed by a team in Newcastle University and tested with groups of older and disabled people.

The bench was funded by a legacy from a person with Parkinson's and his wife, who lived in Faversham and wanted their money to benefit others with mobility difficulties.

“Parkinson's UK are very grateful to Faversham Town Council for accepting the offer of this bench, as are many people in Faversham who need the extra support it offers,” says Beatrice Shire, chair of Parkinson's UK Canterbury and District Branch.

Its long arms are equipped with soft grips to help people with mobility difficulties sit down and stand up more easily. It has places to securely place a walking stick and hook a dog lead, flat surfaces to rest drinks on, warm and supportive seats and a non-rusting frame.

It is still bloody ugly though.


Reopening of Preston Footbridge

Never slow on finding yet another self-promoting bandwagon to jump on, winsome Helen, Chaversham’s Head Girl, has found another bridge on which to strut her credible stuff.

Does this mean the Creek Bridge was merely a stepping stone towards another bridge of self-congratulation for hop-on hop-off Helen? Does she now aspire to unseat failing grayling to ensure the trains running under it do so on time?



In case you're wondering why the town centre's hanging baskets have gone a bit green, you'll be glad to hear it's part of the new town council's commitment to plastic-free environmental sustainability and biodiversity.

Faversham's EdibleCulture (as seen on telly's Gardeners World) has provided bee-friendly hanging baskets without the three P’s: plastic, peat and pesticide. At the end of the season, they will be broken up and perennial plants distributed to individuals and community gardens at the Faversham Food Festival on Sunday 15th September. So that's all good.

They do look a little bit like baskets full of weeds though…


Poetry Corner

The Ballad of the Bulldozer

When the urban sprawl's unbroken

From Dartford down to Deal

Developer's departed as

There's no more land to steal.

Our farms have gone, the wildlife too

And Quinntown's there instead

We'll know that England's garden

Is well and truly dead

Gwen Soames

A love poem…

There once was a Tory from Kent

Who lived a life, well spent

He was seen on Cupid

Which was very stupid

So instead of coming, he went.



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