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Taking the Wrap

Faversham shoppers handed back plastic wrapping in an event to highlight unnecessary packaging.

Nearly 100 people unwrapped their shopping at supermarket checkouts and took it home in reusable containers, leaving 300 pieces of plastic behind.

The 'Mass Unwrap' was organised by Plastic Free Faversham to mark World Cleanup Day with the help of Morrisons and Sainsbury's. Tesco declined to take part. Research shows that supermarkets add 59 billion pieces of plastic packaging to the pollution problem every year.

“We were thrilled by the interest, participation and goodwill shown,” said Plastic Free Faversham's Hannah Temple. “Supermarkets are making progress but there is so much further to go. It's ludicrous we still use packaging designed for only one use that will last hundreds of years.”

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Photos: Rich Lehmann of The Other Day Photography


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