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Police and Crime Commissioner


The current Commissioner, Matthew Scott (Conservative), who in his election statements makes extravagant claims about his successes over the past five years. It seems we should be forever grateful for the wonderful well-policed paradise we now inhabit in Kent.

Here in Faversham, though, from our closed police station the distinct lack of town centre beat officers, it is a little hard to discern the improvements he claims to have been responsible for.

As someone that has had three (locked) bicycles stolen in the past five years, and experienced that, beyond my ethnicity, the near complete lack of interest the police have shown in the thefts has been both depressing and quite frankly pathetic.

Matthew Scott’s statement that

“….. I also know that for victims there’s no such thing as a low level crime. They all matter.”

rings rather hollow.

Like many of his more senior Tory colleagues, he seems to believe his own propaganda.

Both of the other two candidates make similar promises.

The Lib Dem candidate Graham Coley has a legal and strong academic background, formerly, he was a KCC councillor. He has stood as the unsuccessful Lib Dem candidate in three previous general elections.

The Labour candidate Lola Oyewusi has a solid record of working in the community and presents herself convincingly as a person with strong moral convictions.

The Eye is somewhat unconvinced that the election of the Police and Crime Commissioner should be a party political matter and that, beyond the current record of the Tory incumbent, it is difficult to make a judgement about who will be the most effective candidate.

On balance our choice is Lola Oyewusi.

For full statements from the candidates visit


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