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OPEN FAVERSHAM - Saturday 17th to Sunday 25th August

Following the success of Open Faversham last year, plans are being made for it to be bigger and better this year.

Open Faversham is an annual opportunity to celebrate our town’s cultural and natural heritage. It takes place in August to share our heritage with friends, family, and visitors. Last year, there were many activities for young people of primary school age and younger. This August, we hope that there will be activities and events for young people and activities on and around the creek. The programme will be dropped through every letterbox in the parish and distributed to the villages. We hope that more villages will join in this year, as Throwley did last year.

Open Faversham will umbrella community activities, talks, walks, performances and other events If you have an idea for an event or activity that can be arranged during those nine days in August, please get in touch we are keen that Open Faversham should be as inclusive as possible reflecting our natural, historic and lived heritage. The deadline for inclusion in the printed brochure which will be delivered to every household in Faversham is 10th June.


Open Faversham is a celebration of our town – our natural and built heritage and living culture. We and our ancestors make Faversham special. We hall shape Faversham for our children and grandchildren.

On the back of the Open Faversham brochure this year, delivered to every home in the parish, there will be a form asking you what is special about our town.

What do you show to friends and relatives? What matters to you?

We want to hear from as many of us as we can, and it is not limited to one form per home

Look out for the Open Faversham Brochure in late July

Find out more here

Harold Goodwin, Chair, Open Faversham


  • 80th: ‘D’ Day

  • 60th: Faversham Pools

  • 460th: of the birth of Shakespeare

  • 50th of Faversham Town Council and of our town being absorbed into Swale.

  • 1,000th of our Charter Market

  • 460th of the birth of Marlowe

  • 30th of the reopening of the Royal Cinema


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