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On the Square - Issue 5


Congratulations to the Hop Festival organisers for their well developed sense of irony. Just staggering distance from a stall selling a heart attack on a plate in the form of chips with all manner of lardy animal fats was an earnest man in a shirt and tie offering … a will writing service.


Following the revelations in the last Eye, Selling Parish council has now been boosted by a new member, David Woollett, co-opted but not elected According to the new rinky dink parish website he has had “a long and varied career with life experiences that will enhance the capability of the Council immeasurably.” Can this be the same David Woollett who was the subject of a complaint to Donna Price, the Monitoring Officer at Swale Borough Council back in 2017, after he turned up at the local church’s ‘parish room’ unannounced with the current acting clerk and councillor, Amanda Saunders to inspect some council documents? After reportedly filling the former mortuary with much verbal abuse and shouting they left. Not so much democracy in action...more yelling in Selling


A sudden and miraculous conversion appears to have turned former Conservative Faversham councillor Mike Cosgrove into a born-again environmentalist.

“Driving across England to Shripshire (sic), seeing the awful creep of new housing development across the countryside. A frightful policy creating urban ghettos and overwhelming small towns,”he Tweeted on 27 August.

Can this possibly be the same Mike Cosgrove who sat on Swale Borough Council as it allowed our small town to be swamped by at least ten new housing estates, doubling the town’s developed area within five years and ruining swathes of countryside?

Before being shown the door by the electorate in May’s local elections, Mr Cosgrove was Swale’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration. Just last year, he boasted of ‘14,000 new homes planned up to 2031’ and ‘3 million square feet of commercial development – the highest level in Kent over the past decade’ in the council’s Draft Economic Regeneration Framework document.

Has a drive to ‘Shripshire’ been Mr Cosgrove’s Road to Damascus?


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