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Letters from Issue 5

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Message: Hi There ;-) Just a thought..... I try to keep up on what Faversham council is doing, particularly now with our new and very welcome political makeup. I find this difficult. How about seeing if the new council would be open to a monthly update given to the Faversham Eye to give residents a one stop shop for what’s going on.......just a thought. kind regards Bob ps thanks for providing this invaluable service!

Bob Hewis


Dear Editor, Now that Boris has ascended to the Parliamentary throne would I ask your influential editorial staff to entreat him to the following:

Given his apparent aff ection for kippers could part of his manifesto be to provide the pescatarian delicacies free of charge in compensation to us over-75’s for losing our free TV licences?

Whilst they can be an epicurean ‘Ground Hog Day’, some of us oldies continue to enjoy them in spite of the nostalgic consequences.

I repeat my plea,

Evelyn Trellis, The Mondeo Rest Home, Faversham


Dear Faversham Eye, I received a flyer from the ousted councillors of St Ann’s Ward thanking those who did vote for them. Their loss at the election they attributed partly to Brexit.

My friends and I together with others voted against them for no other reason than because of decisions made against the wishes of the majority and the skullduggery associated with those decisions. My mother would have said “They are all Brothers and Bob” or “ They are all tarred with the same brush”.

We must thank the Eye for exposing the skullduggery, making it public. Those of us of a certain age knows that this sort of thing has been going on since Adam was a boy but perhaps these events will act as a warning to others.

H.R. Chambers, Cambridge Rd


To the Editor, Faversham Eye.


Over here for a pilgrimage to good old Canty Cath I visited your lovely town of Faversham to sample the famous amber nectar. Imagine my shock when, on approaching the brewery, there was a pong which smelt like an outback gold miner’s dunny. I’ve never swallowed a Bishop’s and I guess now I never will!


The Reverand Beryl O’Toole St Bruce’s, Woonamarra, Queensland, Australia.


Dear Sirs

Having been given a copy of the fourth issue of the eye by my friend who recently exhibited his classic car at Faversham. I found I could not put it down until I had read all of it. I also have re-read some of the more controversial pieces. We could do with something similar in Folkestone. I have lived here all my life and cannot think of a time when were not Conservative. We have always seemed to have had a conservative MP, County Council , and Local Council, always propping each other up when something goes wrong. I believe they must instil in their children the ideology and to always vote conservative at every opportunity regardless of the persons values and beliefes .

I also believe that a dead farm animal with out a head and a blue rinse could survive.

We may have done better than Faversham in that we have had a mention in the rotten boroughs in the name of coun David Monk, Leader of the Council.

I give you my best wishes for the future and long may you survive.

Louis Rutt


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