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Issue 3 Top Spots

A selection of miscellaneous columns from the print version of the Faversham Eye.


Doggy Bags


The picture shows a little black bag of dog excrement hung on my front gate post recently by a passing dog walker. Walking along the creek and in Kings Wood this week literally hundred of similar bags are hung in trees or bushes or just thrown on the grass. What do such dog owners actually think happens after they discard them? Do they believe that each night little dog dung pixies spirit them away? Their selfish and irresponsible behaviour is a blot on our town and countryside.


Spot The Difference 1


Victorian serpent benches. These elegant iron seats with their attractive curved snake supports seem to be gradually disappearing from Faversham's streets.

Do any readers know where they are ending up? How about a fun Easter snake bench hunt? Please report any sightings to:

📷 Presumably designed to deter antisocial street drinkers by offending their aesthetic sensibilities, this item looks like the aftermath of a bomb in a factory that makes shopping trolleys, children's bicycles and garden furniture.


Spot The Difference 2


New kiddies play equipment outside Faversham Swimming Pools bearing the logo of the Rotary Club which generously raised £10,000 towards the new play area. The rest of the £50,000 cost was paid for by taxpayers.


A photo of the same play equipment with the Rotary logo photoshopped out, printed in an election leaflet for Faversham Conservatives who contributed ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the cost of the play area. The same leaflet specifically promises local Tories will not ‘lay claim to achievements made by others’ or ‘use pictures in such a way as to take credit for things we have not done’.


Hello Ladies


The single women of Faversham were shocked to see a familiar face plastered all over the dating website OK Cupid: Tory hopeful and former councillor, Andy Culham. As the Conservatives are the party of family values and as he is happily married, his picture must have been put up by someone else. The Eye contacted Mr Culham to see if he could put a name to this mischievous prankster, but as of going to press, he did not respond.


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Faversham Eye
Faversham Eye
Jul 11, 2019

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