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Incoming Mail from Issue 7

Dear Editor,

Perhaps the eagerly anticipated Tory rival to the ‘Eye’ should be called ‘Blue Vein’ - Faversham’s upstanding organ.

Yours sincerely,

Rod Alcock

The Pump House, Faversham


Dear Editor,

What on earth is going on with our town’s main access roads? The new roundabouts which are now part of both the Ashford road. and the Bysing Wood link roads are totally inadequate. They are too small. Lorries and trailers struggle to get around such tight bends, often mounting the curbs and damaging the walkways and curbs. Both of these new roundabouts are now a total mess. And this can only be addressed by reconstruction of these with wider turning circles.


Mark and Caroline Gosden


Dear Editor,

Reducing our country’s carbon footprint by obliterating carbon capturing wetlands with solar panels makes perfect sense.

We should follow this up by felling Epping Forest to build a wind farm. It’s a no brainer!


Dick Hedley


Dear Editor (with apologies to Noddy Holder),

So here it is, Merry Xmas with Brexit still half done. Here’s to the future folks - the mayhem’s just begun.

Olive (Holly) Twigg


Dear Faversham Eye,

The simple and cheap solution to reduce traffic through Ospringe would be to create another motorway link at the huge bridge under the M2 on the Doddington Rd. The road is wide and begins close to the Western Link road off the A2.

The only environmental loss would be scrubland around the motorway bridge, whereas to build on Ospringe by-pass would destroy many fields and have to cross Water Lane, Vicarage Lane, and Brogdale Road. It would also open up the area to even more housing development.

Yours sincerely

Colin Rushton


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