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INCOMING - Issue 12

Hi Faversham Eye,

I spent two and a half hours this morning in the market handing out the special edition of the Faversham Eye on planning.

People reacted very enthusiastically to it. Some, having already read it, wanted more copies to give to their friends. Others were new to Faversham and wanted to know more about what is going on. Many said how they like the Faversham Eye - only one out of the hundred people I must have approached explicitly stated that they don’t like it! Pretty good going, I think.

All in all, a most worthwhile ‘document’, because it definitely is a seminal publication which is very useful to keep and refer to as and when necessary.

Best wishes,

Gulliver Immink


Dear Faversham Eye,

I read R. Telford’s letter on Cleve Hill with interest; but surely it is better to encourage people to have solar heating in some form or other and make it compulsory for all buildings especially supermarkets, industrial buildings; leaving the marshes and fields for the birds, animals and humans to enjoy. And to feed us!

I think the paper is brilliant with real news, but please refrain from making unkind and catty left-wing remarks, you are only preaching to the converted and surely you want to expand your readers.

L. A. Clarke Smith


Message from Patricia Reid regarding our Special Edition on the Neighbourhood Plan

This is a completely brilliant edition of the Faversham Eye - I am not overstating this in a gushing way, it is the truth. What other way can you get such sophisticated ideas over to the majority of local people? The message seems to be go with the flow, don't fight unwinnable battles but control that flow to get the most acceptable results. yes, yes, yes.


Dear Sir,

Thank you (Faversham Eye Issue 11) for the well overdue thorough and objective review of the scheming bigots, Cafferey, and Co with their gold plated (with our money) mad scheme for the Faversham Reach footpath. What a nonsense that is. Likely to cost several hundred thousand pounds and significant government resources just to reopen 250 yds of footpath whose nearby diversion has been acknowledged for over a hundred years.

If only as much effort had been put into creating a footway along the opposite side of the creek. At present walkers crossing the bridge from Front Brents have to brave a narrow footpath next to loud heavy traffic only to be rewarded with an urban route down Belvedere Road on their way to Standard Quay and the marshes beyond.

Access from the new opening bridge to a walkway across the end of Shepherd Neame's car park would lead to Town Quay. A right of way across the open quayside on Swan Quay would join up with Belvedere wharf and Provender Mill quayside which can then be connected to Provender Walk. Planning permission has already been granted to demolish part of the wall between Provender Mill and Provender Walk to permit foot passage, but Faversham

Footpaths Group have shown no interest. That in turn would connect to the planned walkway along the quayside of the demolished oil depot which adjoins Standard Quay. Much of the route already exists as open quayside but some intervening walls and a private quayside obstruct what could be a pleasant creekside walk for Faversham people and visitors alike.

We need for a campaign to open a throughway, not necessarily designated as a footpath, along the East side of Faversham Creek?

Peter Flower

Ex Tory Councillor.


Good afternoon!

I live in Oare, which is not part of Faversham, though it ought to be. After all, that’s where we shop, where our banks are, the Post Office, our doctors and dentists, railway station…..

I am appalled at the number of new houses that might be built. Faversham can cope with SOME increase in its shoppers, et al, but not that many. And will there be problems with supplying gas/electricity/water?

My comments:

  1. Public transport has to be made available to all estates, including to/from schools

  2. Schools don’t have space for so many additional pupils

  3. Neither do our doctors and dentists

  4. All houses should be well insulated

  5. All doors/windows must be at least double glazed

  6. All houses should have solar panels.

  7. 50% of housing should be ‘affordable’.

  8. Need more 1-2 bedroom houses.

  9. All estates should have playgrounds for children.

Marika Sherwood



Whately votes against extension to free School meals.

I thought this might be of interest to you. Helen w features having voted against a free school meals extension and yet claiming 48k of taxpayer funded expenses last year.

Saddened and unsurprised by this.

Scot Greathead


A song for Helen - to the tune of "Blowing Bubbles"

I’m in the Westminster bubble floating way up to the air

And while peasants suffer, my bank book is a buffer

So I lead my life without a care.

As I tuck into my subsidised dinner, my wallet won’t get thinner

I’ll be ok whatever voters say

I’m an MP so it’s all fair and square.

By John Wellard


Dear Non-Gender Specific Person

I would like to take issue with a listing in the penultimate page of your recent issue. Under the heading of comedy the name Lee Hurst appears. This is obviously incorrect. Or perhaps it is tongue in cheek and is intended as an ironic statement? Much like the letter from Mr Wellard of Faversham Reach who refers to the ‘orgy of saturation housing developments’. This creates a bizarre image of a bungalow being buggered by a semi. Although perhaps a bigger erection would be better placed to complete such a task. One wonders if Mr Wellard - who is still much loved for his seminal role in Eastenders prior to his retirement. A finer example of canine thespiancy I have yet to see - includes his own gated development (no peasants must be allowed to pass) in the perverted ways of residential properties?

Sincerely yours,

Daniel Potbeck


Dear Mr. Potblack (if you feel free to mock my name I feel free to mock yours),

You may consider your jocularity in associating my name with the now deceased dog in “Eastenders” was highly witty and original but I’ve heard it so many times I have developed a total immunity. You see, Mr Pottyluck, during the seven plus decades of my life I have been mocked and insulted by experts and have grown a skin impervious to little pricks our comments on architectural interbreeding gives rise to the question of the result of the congress you describe. Perhaps it produces buggerlows? Possibly a novel way to cheaply produce bijou dwellings?

Toodle Pip,

Woofie Wellard


Letters following A FOOTPATH PAVED WITH (YOUR) GOLD, Issue 11

Dear Faversham Eye

Your issue 11 article's; A footpath paved with (your) gold is way too long and extremely boring.

In essence it boils down to this; on the one hand some people believe that the creek-banks should be open to all to enjoy, not just to wealthy landowners. On the other hand, and in a textbook case of Nimbyism, the residents affected object - coming up with every excuse under the sun and afeared that they will be murdered in their beds by the hoi polloi - ie those of us who cannot afford to live behind the walls of their gated community, but have the temerity to want to enjoy the same creekside access and views that they do.

Unsurprisingly, their case is supported by Faversham Eye - the mouthpiece of a wealthy man who also owns and enjoys a private section of the creek-side.

Despite it's length, the article does not include a single opposing view or opinion - shabby journalism indeed. And the obsession with Michael Osborne (who I do not know) is reminiscent of public school playground sniggering - move on!

Kind regards

Tom Harding

PS - congratulations on a 100% white-faced edition. Good to see that Faversham Eye has embraced the diversity and inclusion agenda...not!

22nd October 2020

To Julian Saunders (Cllr),

I feel sure you’ve read the article in the Faversham Eye title; “A Footpath Paved With Gold”. If not, I’ll be pleased to supply one. To begin with all the points raised were based on archival documents from the archives of KCC, FTC and Swale Planning, along with depositions from two Sec of State Inspector’s Inquiries. Regardless of the outcome it seems unlikely that the project will be happening anytime soon in the light of the present financial chaos - both historic and current. Given that the Faversham Footpaths Group has now lost its attack rodent Mr. Caffarey who, may I ask, will take the place of this mendacious gruppenfuhrer? Given the obscene amounts of taxpayer’s money squandered so far and the immorally pledged charity money set aside, I consider that the local Labour Party - at present still an almost hopeless minority would do well to stop banging the drum of a cause dreamt up by a tiny clique of tired, superannuated and now discredited Tories, freemasons and pseudo-Labour hangers-on. This will gain your Party few brownie points as the electorate realises the already cash starved local services will suffer even further in the near future.

This is a case of “be careful what you wish for” You listened with one ear to the likes of the egregious Andrew Osborne and his sad old sidekicks who have thankfully been booted out of office and discredited.

Think carefully about what you promote. Remember the Shoe Shop and the War Memorial - both vanity projects which hastened the downfall of the previous neo feudal, patronising and possibly corrupt regime.


John Wellard

25th October 2020

Dear Mr Wellard

Thank you for your email pointing me to the article in the last Faversham Eye about KCC’s plan to create a public footpath along the creek in front of Faversham Reach and Waterside Close, which I have read.

I am afraid we will have to agree to disagree in relation to this issue. Now that two public enquiries have supported the idea of a path along the front of the Creek I would be keen to see the proposal developed by KCC implemented as soon as possible, especially as funding is already earmarked to cover the costs of the work to be done. I accept that some residents living in Faversham Reach and Waterside Close have privacy concerns in relation to the path, but I think being able to walk along the creek here will be a major benefit to residents of the town and will also provide a scenic entrance to the town for visitors using the England Coast Path, encouraging them to spend more time here.

Labour’s Town Manifesto which I was elected on stated that we would campaign for as much public access to the Creek as possible and I believe my support for a creek path is in line with that commitment.

For the record I used to be Treasurer of the Faversham Footpaths Group and am still a member of its Executive Committee. I have also been a trustee of Bensted’s Charity since May 2019 when I was nominated by Swale Borough Council.


Julian Saunders

Borough Councillor St Ann's Ward and Deputy Cabinet Member Community Safety|Swale Borough Council

Note: KCC budget shortfall is £247M according to Kent Online. Other items give similar grim reading. Presumably FTC doesn’t care?



This path never existed I believe they cannot produce an untampered copy of the map

Concerned citizen

They are simply reinstating a track/path that existed in the early part of the last century. A check of the OS maps shows this track/path existed.


Yet another mess by a local council who refuse to apologize and put matters right.

Nigel wood


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