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INCOMING - from Issue 9

In response to our Faversham Town Council Expenditure Plans 2020-2021 - The Faversham Eye view, we had the following comments:

  • How does a fairly new lift in the Guildhall need £1500 maintenance?

  • There is still no public electric vehicle charging point in Faversham which might be a small contribution towards climate change.

  • There is no evidence that a 20mph limit will save lives and reduce injuries. It would be revealing to know exactly how many people are killed and injured in Faversham as a result of vehicles travelling at up to 30mph. Considering speeds much in excess of 30mph is invalid because those drivers will always ignore limits.

R Telford


Future Health Secretary HELEN WHATELY and the firm that hijacked the NHS

But she has the gall to encourage clapping the care workers when it is her and her Govt that have failed to follow Exercise Cygnus (2016) and thus exposed our health workers to avoidable health risks. It is indeed scandalous as pointed out by Richard Norton, editor in chief of The Lancet.

Indeed locally, a paramedic is having to take his own uniform home to wash. Who voted for that?

Expendable oldish git

The challenge is to get this stuff out to the electorate who just take the McKinsey newspeak at face value.

Most of us entirely underestimate the amoral ruthlessness of people like these. They have realised long ago that the name of the game is to have as few steps as possible between themselves and the governments who create currency and are the only legitimate issuers of it. They understand very well how to harness the power of Modern Monetary Theory while the majority of our elected representatives are clueless and accept that government spending is constrained by tax revenues.

Andrew (Andy) Crow


Abbey School – a New System of Rules.

What are the sanctions for teacher deviations? Nobody is perfect!

There must have been serious flaws in school management to need such stringent countermeasures. Has that improved? What is worrying are the complaints of uneven-handedness in the distribution of punishment.

A.S. Jennings



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