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Are any Faversham Eye readers familiar with the faces in these pictures, taken in Summer 1998 by Faversham artist and regular Eye contributor Alex Law.

“I'm not sure what I was thinking, beyond trying to create a gritty realism only ever seen on TV and always portraying the disaffected neglected working class folk of the North, never the South East. The reality for me was much closer to home,” said Alex, who grew up on the edge of the Brents estate. “It wasn’t set up, rather an opportunity taken. I remember the boys were really embarrassed and shy at first. They were worried about the swearing shot but the laughter was real.”

Alex’s shot the photos for an evening class project near where Posillipo restaurant now stands. “I was interested in the location,” he recalls. “The wall in the background was all that was left of the old back wall of Ernie Derby’s workshop (marine diesel engineer of old).”


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