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Faversham Eye - Xmas Appeal

The Faversham Eye Christmas Special issue is out on Saturday, December 21 and we’ll be handing out copies in the Market Place as usual.

As always, the paper will be free but we would like to ask a small favour in return. If you can spare a food item or two please bring them along. The Eye will contact local foodbanks and charities to make sure your donations reach families in need.

Foodbanks are expecting this Christmas to be their busiest yet as more and more people -- many in working families -- fall into poverty. They need food items that are high in nutrition and long-lasting, such as tinned fruits and vegetables, cereals and soups. Non-food essentials such as toiletries and hygiene products are also required.

Most needed items over the Christmas period include:

  • Christmas Pudding

  • Mince Pies

  • Tea, Coffee & Milk (long-life)

  • Vegetables, Soups & Meats (tinned)

  • Custard (tinned)

  • Cooking Oil

  • Fruit Juice (long-life)

  • Washing-up liquid

  • Tinned fish

  • Dog food

  • Jams

  • Sponge Puddings

  • Shampoo and shower gel

  • Toiletry Sets

Please give generously. And if you work with a local foodbank or charity, please get in touch

via to discuss how we can help.


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