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9th-15th NOVEMBER 2020

A small and eclectic festival celebrating arts and culture set in Faversham. It aims not only to highlight the town’s creative people and cultural places, but also to bring the best possible events to the town for the benefit of the local community.

FAVERSHAM AUTUMNFEST will encompass a range of art genres and features a mixed programme that will include magic, music, film, fine art, literature and heritage with exhibitions, talks, walks and performances taking place in venues throughout the town over a period of one week.

The festival takes place in November to fully take advantage of the miserable weather.

The programme is currently being designed but we can confirm that it will kick off with a dinner/show starring the amazing magician Etienne Pradier who has performed for the Royal family on many occasions. Etienne’s baffling skills will induce laughter and amazement.

There will be talks, walks, exhibitions and an art trail to get involved in.

Pianist Stephen Horne, who regularly performs at international festivals and is a resident pianist at the BFI, will close the festival with a show that will mix music with unforgettable early comedy films starring Chaplin, Buster Keaton and more.

Calls to artists will soon be sent out for local those wanting to contribute.

Contact: Nathalie Banaigs - Kent Creative –


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