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Faversham Eye is proud to sponsor: A year in the Life of Faversham

Our fifth community photography project in Faversham aims to showcase life in the town throughout 2021 with 365 photographs (one for each day of the year) taken by residents. The photographs will be shown at a free exhibition and collated into a book in 2022.

Over the year, Faversham residents will be encouraged to capture how they live, work and play, and encouraged to include local events and hidden activities that not everyone notices or gets a chance to see. Visitors to the town will also be invited to contribute, so that the project offers an outsider’s perspective of Faversham.

What we want to achieve

A Year in the Life of Faversham is designed to get people together and encourage creativity while bringing the town to life through photography. The project aims to highlight all those things that make up a community: friendliness, originality, authenticity, pride and a sense of place, and, through it, we hope to foster an increased appreciation of the town and its communities.

We want visitors to be charmed by the variety, authenticity and aesthetics of the photographs; what they show of people’s lives, their environment, the events that animate the town over the seasons, the businesses that energise it, and the places that surround it. We hope to provide a high-quality experience, within the constraints of the times.

2021 will be a very special year. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic means we may not get back to the world as we knew it, and the photographs in this project will be a testimony to this, portraying how Faversham has had to adjust. Even though the physical appearance of the town is unlikely to change suddenly, the people who live here might have different concerns and priorities, and the images will no doubt reflect this.

A Year in the Life of Faversham 2021 will be an important social record, so the photographs will be passed on to the local archives of the Faversham Society for future preservation. With this is mind, we are also planning to collect images of the year 2020, to encompass the full impact of the Covid-19 crisis.

For information on how to take part, please visit:


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