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Faversham Eye Future Funding

We're now four issues into our experiment in local journalism and we would just like to say thanks.

When we started the Faversham Eye, we had no idea if there was any demand whatsoever for our peculiar editorial blend of investigative journalism, crude satire, community news and features, political troublemaking and scurrilous gossip, let alone the level of support we've received.

We've decided it's time to give some thought to what sort of shape the Eye's future might take.

One thing we will continue is handing out free copies outside the Shoe Shop on the Saturday after the paper comes back from the printers. It's a great way of meeting and talking to you, our readers, face to face. And it's important to reach people who might not visit our website or Facebook page.

It's rare to be offered something for nothing these days. Which is probably why we are occasionally mistaken for chuggers (charity muggers), Jehovah's Witnesses or suspect glad-handers as we give away our wares in The Market Place outside Kent’s most expensive shoe shop. And why, quite reasonably, we are often asked about how the paper is funded.

The answer is that its is run by volunteers with production costs paid by Brian Pain. In future though, we would like the Eye to become financially self-sustaining, without accepting advertising and all the traditional conflicts of interest that come with it.

One option we're looking at is forming a non-profit Community Interest Company supported by voluntary subscriptions. So,if you enjoy the Eye, want to support the paper and make a donation, we could set up a subscription and deliver the paper to your door. All donations received would go through the CIC, and finances would be properly recorded, transparent and available for inspection.

We'd like to know what you think and hear your suggestions. Please drop us a line at:


Where to find The Faversham Eye

Pick up free copies (while stocks last) at:

The Hobby Shop

85 Preston St, Faversham ME13 8NU

The Hot Tin cafe

St. Saviour's Church, Whitstable Road, Faversham ME13 8BD

Railway Cutting barber

109 St Mary's Rd, Faversham ME13 8EE

E Street Music

3 Queen's Parade, East Street, Faversham ME13 8AQ


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