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Updated: Jan 23, 2022

At the end of 2021, the Oyster Bay House hosted the latest exhibition of artist Antony Bream, who was showing his most recent work: a series of coastal views at Seasalter and other views of the Faversham area.

As you walked in, you were taken aback by the harmony, tranquillity and warmth of his paintings. Visitors from the area, would have been walking on familiar territory: Seasalter beach, Faversham Iron Wharf, Doddington Place Gardens…

Antony Bream studied with Peter Greenham at the Royal Academy Schools in the 1960s. His aim was to learn figurative art techniques by studying late 19th century masters. He learnt to master drawing, colour and tone and the essential elements of painting. Bream only paints from life and never uses photographs as references. His technical skills allow him to capture a moment with authenticity and spontaneity. He depicts seascapes with his very own colours and tones, soft blue, green and beige, that convey light beautifully.

Visiting the exhibition Joanna said: “It’s like going on all my walks around Faversham. I feel I am there.” As she goes onto admiring flowers: “It’s rather wonderful. Very few artists get the green right”.

There are also sketches of Iron Wharf included in the exhibition, which another visitor, Paul, made a personal connection with since he knows the place very well. After some time looking around the exhibition, he commented “It’s very pleasing. I like the feeling”.


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