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Crossword - Issue 17

Compiled by R Gregory No 1214


1-Whirling around, overusing it (11)

9 Maybe flight personnel have small props (9)

10-Untrained fight back (3)

11-Port found in cellar neglected (5)

13-What Marié Antoinette lost with insolence. This is where the chopper comes down (7)

14-Sit behind work counter (6)

15-Losing energy, bum is initially after Indian food (6)

18-Saw mashed pie good with butter (7)

20-Wine makes me act with cool head (5)

21-It's maybe tied in aerobics (3)

22-Vessel has time on river Po (9)

24-Arcadian arch is ticking boxes without rules (11)


2-Terry has to make a mistake (3)

3-Maybe watches Hearts informally (7)

4-Crack? Drug possessed by the writer (6)

5-Alan's doubtful about hooters (5)

6-Immature cook peed in urn (9)

7-Singer opens Labour assembly (4,7)

8-The result of lewd actions in Derbyshire (11)

12-I let rip. An explosion that's really unpleasant (9)

16-Obstructs them having plenty of food (7)

17-Cuddle 1,000 ducks in school (6)

19-Raise up (or down) (5)

23-Letter about hip replacement (3)

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