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Comments from the Exhibition

What is good about Faversham

Strong sense of community, diversity (could be more)

Sense of place in the centre, and unspoilt. Local shops rung by local people. Lack of national chains takeover.

Lovely green space and beautiful housing. Cinema and swimming pool. Less chains and more local businesses. It’s history.

Historic, close to natural environment, small enough to be walkable and cyclable and to shop locally. But big enough to have a vibrant community and culture (supportive).

It has a defined size, that has been consistent for many years (relatively little ribbon development). This gives it a tangible community feel. The historical centre, regular markets and social events (e.g. Hop Festival, book fairs, cycle events). Also add to the community ambiance. Its growth has been organic. This is very important for community cohesion and stability.

Community, so much of what we need is here. Space, shops, cinema and pool. Rail and transport links. Attractive architecture. Access to green spaces without using a car. Being able tot walk to everything. Pre-Covid lots happening in the square.

It is a small traditional town on a ‘human’ scale. It has an alternative town centre and a sense of community.

Faversham is a wonderful town with a great community spirit. It is a pretty town and I feel lucky to live here. Faversham is a happy town.

The centre is with walking distance of the whole built area; it is still small. There is a good community spirit. The old buildings in the centre are attractive. The market and swimming pool.

Friendly people and long established families.

Community spirit, speciality shops. Clubs and societies.

A balance between countryside and town.

Friendly, small market town with good access to the countryside, coast and cities.

Permeability. The people who live here and actually care. Music, art and culture. Access to natural places out of town.

It’s off the A2 so only local traffic. Fascinating history and so many really old properties. Amenities, community spirit and lots of footpaths like Cross lane for quick access without cars.

Local shops, its rural nature, the green philosophy, traffic free town centre, car chargers, new loos.

Contained town and local villages surrounding town make it very accessible. Character buildings, no big box urban scrawl development - so far!

It’s a small but vibrant market town, surrounded by beautiful marshland, countryside and coastal area.

Historical buildings, proximity to sea and water. Modest size. Community feel. Market. Eccentricity and character, local heritage. Green mantle all around, easy access to the countryside. Friendliness and knowing people.


What could be improved

Less access by HGV's, less litter and more road crossings

Increased use of renewable energy on all new developments.

More trees, especially some conifers and broadleaf. We need as many green areas, corridors for people and nature.

More support for local businesses. Fairer opportunities for all communities, particularly younger families, students etc. Educational and healthcare developments. Green new deal local planning - emphasis on agriculture and biodiversity.

Greater protection for wildlife and green spaces. More open-ness to vital new green technology and strategies. Greater diversity of thinking.

Limit building to a maximin of 500 units over 5 years. 3500 is dangerously ambitious. It takes a few years to build the house. It takes generations to build a community. There is a real danger the unique character of Faversham will change into the soulless character of Ashford.

Recreation ground safety.

A greater police presence. Improved Green spaces. Planting of native trees and hedges. All new developments should be carbon neutral. Public transport needs to improved and car travel slashed. New developments should have sage pedestrian and cycle routes to and from them.

A2 can not cope with high volume of HGV’s as several pinch points, reduce HGV access form Dover via M20. Major development requires appropriate road infrastructure and needs improvement.

More access for pedestrians and cycle routes. Less cars in centre. High street - more initiatives and discounts to encourage small business to up in the centre. Too many

vacant shops. Use revenue from solar park to fund creek development.

The central importance of the creek should be recognised and enhanced.

Maritime development of the Creek. Speed up action/decisions/ Stop delays on swing bridge. More frequent emptying of bins to stop litter blowing around. Bulb planting on Brents bund was brilliant, more please. More investment on floral displays.

Reduce the mass of over priced, executive housing for Londoners - pushing locals out of affordable housing for their incomes.

It would be totally inappropriate to double the size of the town with thousands of new houses with this small market town infrastructure. The roads will be totally clogged up and the whole town will become a nightmare. Also the batteries of the nearby solar park represents a potential serious threat to all the inhabitants of Faversham.

Cycling in Faversham - should be perfect for cycling but isn’t. Needs a shift of mindset so that pedestrians/cyclists prioritised.


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