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This striking sculpture of three wretched lions on the shores of the English Channel is the work of Faversham-based Jason deCaires Taylor.

Called ‘The Pride of Brexit’ it represents Brexit as ‘an act of gross national flagellation’ says Jason, who grew up in Canterbury and is now an international artist and marine conservationist famous for his spectacular underwater sculpture parks.

The lions are ‘washed up, exhausted, emaciated and dying’ at the foot of Kent’s iconic white cliffs: a powerful image unlikely to find its way into the pages of our largely anti-EU national Press.

Jason, who describes himself as ‘British and very proud of my country’, describes Brexit as ‘a collective moment of self-harm that has been inflicted upon us through lies and propaganda, financed by a wealthy, unaccountable elite’.

The Faversham Eye will feature a full profile and interview in the New Year.


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