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It hasn’t been all negative for our General Election candidate H Whately over the past year. Last November the newly appointed Chief Secretary to the Treasury and near neighbour, conservative MP for Tunbridge Wells, Laura Trott crashed and burned on the morning media round when interviewed on the BBC Today radio programme. Asked about the possible negative (ie lethal) impacts of the “Eat Out to Help Out” scheme introduced by her boss, Mr R Sunak, her spectacularly ignorant answers were very special.

This led the Parliamentary Sketch Writer of the Guardian to declare:

“Today we learned that Laura Trott is the unthinking person’s Helen Whately”

Helen’s status as a less awful government spokesperson than Trott was further confirmed when on February 9th this year the Chief Secretary to the Treasury made a fool of herself an the BBC PM programme when she displayed her ignorance and misunderstanding of basic economic data. The interview is well worth a listen and available on the internet.


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