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We have received various emails from the PR representatives of local developers telling us about donations to local organisations, but this one took the biscuit.

Barratt Homes are building 368 new homes on a greenfield site at the Perry Court development in Faversham, making themselves a small fortune. As the biggest housebuilder in Britain and with an annual operating profit of £901m in 2019, they have very generously gifted “an English oak tree and children’s gardening spade to schoolchildren at Luddenham School”. Looking at the photo, the children seem a little surprised at the minuscule size of the tree.

Apparently the “tree was used to teach children about the importance of mindful outdoors learning, and encourages children to protect nature”. Let’s hope this twig flourishes and offsets some of the carbon emissions created by Barratt Homes, who are only aiming for a 10% renewable energy obligation on their development in Faversham!

Well done, Barratt Homes!


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