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Abbey Ward

PhotoNamePartyQuestionnaire ResponseRunning for SBC?

James CoplandConservativeNo information Available✔

Mark EvansConservativeNo Information Available✔

Peter FlowerConservativeRead Response Here 

Andy HanksConservativeNo Information Available 

Anthony HookLib DemRead Response Here 

Denise KnightsLib DemsRead Response Here

Trevor PayneLabourRead Response Here

Hannah PerkinLib DemsRead Response Here

Anne SalmonLabourRead Response Here

Henry StantonGreenNo Information Available✔

Jess ValentineUKIPNo Information Available✔

Phillip WyardGreenNo Information Available✔

Anita WalkerIndependentNo Information Available✔

Chris WilliamsLib DemRead Response Here 

Boughton and Courtenay Ward

PhotoNamePartyQuestionnaire ResponseRunning for SBC?

George BobbinIndependentNo Information Available✔

Andrew BowlesConservativeNo Information Available✔

Ian HendersonConservativeNo Information Available✔

Alastair GouldGreensNo Information Available✔

Jeff TuttSwale IndependentsNo Information Available✔

Tim ValentineGreensNo Information Available✔

Priory Ward

PhotoNamePartyQuestionnaire ResponseRunning for SBC?

Claire BelsomIndependentRead Response Here 

Andy CulhamConservativeNo Information Available✔

Sean DunnConservativeNo Information Available 

Jenny Hamilton LabourRead Response Here

Peter HutchinsonGreensNo Information Available✔

Ben A MartinLib DemRead Response Here

Alison ReynoldsLib DemRead Response Here 

St Ann's Ward

PhotoNamePartyQuestionnaire ResponseRunning for SBC?

Kris BarkerLib DemRead Response Here

Peter CookLib DemRead Response Here 

Mike CosgroveConservativeNo Information Available✔

Carole JacksonLabour Read Response Here

Nigel KayConservativeNo Information Available✔

Trevor MartinLib DemRead Response Here 

Findlay McDonaldConservativeNo Information Available 

Simon MooreConservativeNo Information Available 

Julian SaundersLabourRead Response Here

Watling Ward

PhotoNamePartyQuestionnaire ResponseRunning for SBC?

Sam BlairLib DemRead Response Here 

Jane HawkinsConservativesNo Information Available✔

John IrwinLib DemRead Response Here 

Ben Jonathan MartinLib DemRead Response Here

Gareth ReevesLabourRead Response Here

David SimmonsConservativeNo Information Available 

Eddie ThomasLib DemRead Response Here

Geoff WadeConservativeNo Information Available✔

David WillisConservativeNo Information Available 

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